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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Re: project version info
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 14:58:10 GMT
The reason CLI is reporting that number is because we tried to go semver in
an odd way (CAD-SEM) and CLI version was supposed to be just the SEM part
and the CAD was just informational -- which hasn't worked out so well.  The
next CLI release is going to drop the old SEM and turn the existing CAD
into the new SEM.  i.e.: npm install -g cordova@rc you'll notice that its
just 3.7.0.

w.r.t. reporting installed version and not workspace created version: the
version of the CLI that was used to create a project should not be what is
important.  Its the current versions of the platforms and plugins within
your workspace that are actually important.

This is because when you upgrade your CLI, we will not use the version that
was used to create the project any more.  There have been proposals for
this, but its not implemented, we just assume you always want the latest
CLI to manage your workspace.

This could become an issue if the CLI breaks compatibility with directory
structure / old platform/plugin structure, but that hasn't come up yet.  If
that *does* happen, we can introduce a "created-with" at that point, and
use the lack of "created-with" as a signal for old version.

For what its worth, for cca we drop a "created-with-cca-version" file
inside your platforms/ folder, since we currently also pin platforms.  When
you upgrade your cca tool, we then know to prompt for a platforms upgrade.
I don't know if this will still be necessary with independent platform


On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 6:41 AM, Ray Camden <> wrote:

> I¹m posting this here as opposed to the Google Group as it seems like the
> type of thing that may have been discussed, then turned down, and I
> figured this list was best to answer why.
> Unless I¹m not seeing it, there is no way to tell what version of the CLI
> was used to build a project. Oddly ³cordova info² will return Cordova
> version, but for me, the # makes no sense. Here is one I got with a recent
> project: 0.21.13.
> Is there a reason why 3.6.3 isn¹t returned and not saved in config.xml?
> I¹m assuming it is because plugin version info is more important, but I
> can definitely seeing wanting to know what CLI version was used.
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