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From Shazron <>
Subject [iOS 8] WKWebView moving forward
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 21:39:35 GMT
## What We Know So Far

1. Because of the file:// url loading bug, we couldn't support the
WKWebView in the iOS 8 GM release. It has since been fixed, for release
post iOS 8.1 (not sure when), through a new WKWebView API function (
2. The alternative is embedding a local web server and serving assets from

## Abandon file:// url Loading API Method

My proposal is, we abandon the local file:// url loading method in (1)
above, since it will create problems with support.

For example, if we support the new local file url loading API function in
iOS 8.2.0 (speculated) -- and a user is on 8.0.2, what then? You would not
have WKWebView support for that user, and you would use UIWebView instead.
This will just be confusing, and leads to problems.

With the embedded local web server method, you can support **any** version
of iOS 8.x.

## Embrace Embedded Local Web Server Method

I have a Cordova plugin that implements this, and it should work with
cordova-ios 3.7.0:

It dynamically updates the <access> tag value when it loads, overriding it
to the actual location and port. Since it is a plugin, it can be swappable
(for whatever reason).

It does not solve the problem where any backgrounded app can access our
local web server.

## Future Steps

This plugin is already working in cordova-ios 3.7.0 (un-released, up next
for vote release).

The wkwebview branch:

1. Needs be rebased
2. Needs to be re-tested
3. issues in CB-7043 that relate to the wkwebview have to be resolved
4. branch presented for review to other committers
5. resolve any comments and issues from (4)
6. wkwebview branch integrated into master

I will work on these items next after getting cordova-ios 3.7.0 out. Any
help is welcome.

## Migration Issues

If you are migrating to WKWebView from UIWebView, you will lose some

1. No more whitelist feature (NSURLProtocol is not supported in WKWebView)
2. Your XmlHttpRequest calls now need to be CORS compliant (this is still
true if loaded through a file:// url)
3. HTML5 offline application cache is not available in WKWebView (

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