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From "Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: XHRHelper.cs has problems in hash changes.
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 14:31:04 GMT
I filed an issue at JIRA here: and send a PR
with fix:

Fixed __XHRShimAliases object re-initialization on each window.location change. 

Regarding other things: 
and $locationProvider.html5Mode(false); seems to be related to angular configuration and not
relates to WP8 XHRHelper at all.

Best regards, Vladimir

-----Original Message-----
From: Kyung-man Kwak [] 
Sent: Friday, 17 October, 2014 10:18
Subject: XHRHelper.cs has problems in hash changes.

Dear cordova developers,

I have several problem in following environment.

*Environment :*

   - *Cordova 3.6.3*
   - *platform : wp8*
   - *AngularJS v1.2.6*

*Problems :*

   - anchor tag
   - ng-href or href is not working. A simple url is working, but it is not
      working when only hash part is changed in the previous url.
   - angulerjs routing
      - it is working with param "template" (this is template string).
      - it is not working with param "tempalteUrl" (this is just url of
   - angularjs $location.url(~~)
      - it is ok before getting template. it is blocked in $http which is
      for getting template.

*Reason : *

   - in my guess, XHRHelper.cs file has a problem.
   - the variable script in this file is reloaded every time url is changed
   including hash change. And variable __XHRShimAliases is also initialized at
   this time. So, __onXHRLocalCallback function is not properly working.

*My temporary solution :*

1. add following code in module config


2. In XHRHelper.cs file(,
I added following code in the first line of script.

string script = @"(function(win, doc) {
    if (window.XHRHelperInitialized) {
      window.XHRHelperInitialized = true;

     var __XHRShimAliases = {};

I hope this issue is patched next version. :)

Thank you for reading this issue.

Kyungman Kwak.

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