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From "John M. Wargo" <>
Subject Plugman issues/questions
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 12:52:48 GMT
I'm playing around with plugman in Cordova 4.0 and have found some issues and have some questions.

First of all, the docs are incorrect and I've filed a ticket:
 The example for adding a plugin is missing the install switch.:

$ plugman -platform <ios|amazon-fireos|android|blackberry10|wp8> --project <directory>
--plugin <name|url|path> [--plugins_dir <directory>] [--www <directory>]
[-variable <name>=<value> [--variable <name>=<value> ...]]

It should be:

$ plugman install -platform <ios|amazon-fireos|android|blackberry10|wp8> --project <directory>
--plugin <name|url|path>[--plugins_dir <directory>] [--www <directory>]
[-variable <name>=<value> [--variable <name>=<value> ...]]

The docs also say that the switch for uninstall is "--uninstall", but in my testing it's actually
"uninstall"  - I've created a ticket for this:

The docs say to use the platform scripts to create a plugman project, but when I follow the
links to the download, there's no download for Cordova 4.0. When will that be published?

When I unpublish my plugin, it says it's unpublished, but the entry is still there in the
registry. Should I submit a ticket for this?

I can't find any information on what the plugman owner command does. When I execute it, I
get an error:

C:\Users\jwargo\dev\myplugin>plugman owner ls
ENOENT, open 'C:\Users\jwargo\dev\myplugin\package.json'

I can't find anything in the docs that tells me I should be creating a package.json. Should
I be?

I created one using npm init. Then, when I issue a plugman owner ls I get the following error:

404 Not Found: myplugin

Can someone explain to me how this is supposed to work? I can't seem to find any documentation
on this command.

Regarding the registry, it doesn't explain anywhere how to set the description for the plugin
- I'm assuming it's through a file. I also don't see anywhere I can login to the
registry site and edit my entry. I'm assuming also that keywords are set through the package.json

John M. Wargo
@johnwargo <> <>

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