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From Charles <>
Subject Development on Zend Studio with Cordova
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2014 20:13:06 GMT
Attention Developer or Dev Support:

I am very interested in the Apache Cordova. I have worked on native development in iOS - Xcode
5.1.1 and up, but never worked with Cordova. I liked the idea of a hybrid mobile app that
can I can rapidly deploy to the Apple Appstore, Windows Mobile and Android Play all at the
same time.
I have  some questions to ask and wondering where can you direct me to an expert or help me
find someone to address some concerns with our mobile development.  
Here are my questions:

1. For the current design that we have created in terms of resolution 4, 5, & 6, Can the
design match exactly and the screen size fit exactly into cordova? 
2. Will there be any compatibility the native Development kit for Apple or Android? Such as
our development will be accessing the camera functionality, document files/folder on the mobile
devices, emailing functionality, texting, push notifications, etc? Since some of those functions
like the document file access is very important for us, I just wanted to know the detail of
the compatibility of cordova and the mentioned list i have detailed.
3. Screensize autolayout: i.e.:  When building a native app project in Apple,  Apple has a
universal app size which does support for iphone/ipad and iphone/ipad retina display simultaneously.
Will zend studio with cordova plugin work/support be the same universal app?  In other words,
Will cordova support universal app layout functionality for android, apple iOS and windows
4. I have researched that hybrid mobile app software have lags & performance issues, and
will there be lags if our app grows in size? Will our app using cordova be effected by performance?
 how large can our app size be?
5. How is the memory being managed and how to work with large scale apps like ours?
6. Will there be Null ! Error! in our web services?  I noticed it most often occur when there’s
not internet connection while using our app.
7. What other things we need to look for in cordova for new iOS Support? such as apple released
iOS 8, so i went to cordova’s website and found a large backlog of errors and bug fixes
in pending.  Some issues has been resolved in cordova, but not all.  
8. How big in terms of size can cordova mobile app hold/handle?  Which Corporation in terms
of the mobile app size have been used in cordova ?
9.  I have read that the mobile browsers out there is bad in terms of how many different ones
we have to support. So how are we able to manage different browser support in cordova?
10. Testing environment can sometime fail and may not work on cordova, so how is that being
11.  Versions upgrading:  What happens if iOS 9 comes out next year? or a new Android OS comes
out? Will cordova be ready and how fast will cordova adapt to the new OS environment?
12. I have a zend studio license and trying to work with Zend studio and Cordova plugin. 
Where can i get support or help on creating a mobile app in zend studio with the cordova plugin?

I appreciate your help. Thanks.

Charles Tran

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