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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Re: 3.6 cordova plugin versions
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 15:55:31 GMT
I don¹t have an answer, but I definitely see merit in documenting this

(replace 3.6.0 with ³most current² of course)

We should clarify expectations for when/how the core plugins are tested in
regards to the main Cordova release.

I¹ll happily write something up.

On 9/30/14, 10:16 AM, "Fischer, Paul A" <> wrote:

>But it is not wise to assume that the latest version of a core plugin is
>also tested against an older version of Cordova CLI? Is that true or
>false? In other words, when you test the latest version of a core plugin,
>you only test it against the latest released version of the Cordova CLI.
>Using the latest version of a core plugin is not guaranteed to work with
>a prior version of Cordova CLI.
>Are my assumptions correct or incorrect?
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>From: Shazron []
>Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 07:05
>Subject: Re: 3.6 cordova plugin versions
>On Monday, September 29, 2014, Joshi, Pavankumar
>> Thanks for the mail.  Kindly can you clarify this question,
>> So every time a new version of plugin is released, is it tested with
>> the already released latest Cordova version.
>> Example: In Cordova 3.6 release it is stated that battery-status
>> plugin version 0.2.10 is tested. Then on 22 September 0.2.11 version
>> of battery-status plugin was released.
>> So does it mean that 0.2.11 version was tested with 3.6.0 version of
>> Cordova ? I am asking this because if I download and use Cordova 3.6.0
>> release, then can I continuously upgrade the plugins to the latest
>> released version?
>> Thanks and Regards
>> Pavan Joshi

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