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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Re: new NPM 2.x
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:30:47 GMT
Being lazy, but can you explain why it matters? Ie, is there a reason
*not* to just upgrade? I assume most folks would think, ³new version of
npm, just update and don¹t worry about it² - but does it impact using

On 9/22/14, 11:09 AM, "Carlos Santana" <> wrote:

>NPM 2.x was released last week.
>latest nodejs stable 0.10.32 comes with npm@1.4.28
>if you do $ npm install -g npm  (you will get npm@2.0.0)
>More about npm 2.x and semver:
>cordova and phonegap get's mentioned in the blog post.
>For now just pay close attention which npm you are using 1.x or 2.x with $
>npm -v
>Carlos Santana

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