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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Re: Reopen iOS bug CB-3071
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 18:53:24 GMT
Thanks - I've re-opened the bug.

On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 12:04 AM, Li, Jonathan <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Due to bug, the cached response gets invalidated
after each time restarting the iOS cordova app, the suggested workaround is to use the open
source SDURLCache project, however, SDURLCache is not a good candidate to replace the iOS
default NSURLCache, as it does not follow the RFC 2616 specification very well, and cannot
be used in many projects that requires serious cache functions.
> The testing shows the issue of CB-3071 is related to the iOS cordova useragaent logic.
When each time the app restarts, the uiWebView will get a new address, and this address is
appended to the UIWebView's user agent string, so the user agent is different for each running
session.  iOS will automatically invalidate the cached response if it detects the user agent
has been changed, as user agent contains locale information, and if locale setting is changed,
the same url may get the different response from server side.
> This can be verified by always appending a constant number  to the user agent string,
in that case,  the cached response can be loaded after the app restarts
> It seems the issue can be fixed by changing the current NSMutableSet* gRegisteredControllers
to NSMutalbleDictionary object, the dictionary object uses a incremental sequential id as
key, and use the view controller’s address as value, then only appending the sequential
id in the user agent string. This sequential id can be used to find the corresponding view
controller from gRegisteredControllers collection. As most cordova app will only create a
single CDVViewController, so the sequential id most likely is always 0. This will generate
the same user agent string across app running sessions,  and keep the cached response valid.
> Please let me know if the bug CB-3071 can be reopened and get fixed with this idea.
> Thanks
> Jonathan

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