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From "Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: windows universal problems 3.6
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 11:10:58 GMT
Staci, about issues you've found:

1. Device plugin:, PR
- already merged into master 2. Media plugin and capability element: I can reproduce this
issue only if I create an mobilespec app and then try to build it from IDE (VIsualStudio)
instead of CLI. This is because capabilities sorting logic is called from platform's build
script instead of CLI prepare.
3. Battery plugin manual tests: No repro. Tried to run app from CLI and IDE, but I don't see
any errors/exceptions. 
4. InAppBrowser manual tests: application fails due to MS restrictions to innerHTML property
( More
details in message, I've sent to dev already ("New-style tests issues"). I can provide a separate
fix for this issue, or we can try to find some general workaround to this kind of issues.
5. Bridge tests: Failure caused by undefined reporterView object in HTMLReporter.js. Filed
corresponding issue: Will send PR soon.

As for other plugins (contacts, file-transfer, file), we're aware of these issues, and all
of them are caused by plugins, not the platform itself.

Best regards, Vladimir

-----Original Message-----
From: Staci Cooper []
Sent: Friday, 5 September, 2014 23:06
Subject: windows universal problems 3.6

I tried building mobile-spec for the windows universal platform and I've run into a handful
of problems with the wp8.1 project. Is anybody else seeing this behavior?

   - Some of the plugins are causing problems if checked out from the
   registry. For example, if I include the device plugin checked out at the
   latest version from the registry, deviceready does not fire
   - When all plugins are checked out at master, if the media plugin is
   added, I get this error: " File content does not con

form to specified
   schema. The element 'Capabilities' in namespace '' has invalid child
   element 'Capability' in namespace ''."
   It is basically the same as this resolved issue
   <> with camera and
   geolocation in windows8; Capability elements must go before
   DeviceCapability elements in the manifest. The capabilties for camera and
   geolocation are sorted properly, but "<Capability Name='musicLibrary' />"
   needs to be moved up.
   - Again with all plugins on master, I see a lot of problems with
   mobilespec. The app crashes when running the auto test-framework tests or
   manual tests for battery-status, inappbrowser, and bridge. The contacts
   tests fail, as do the file-transfer tests related to images (video is
   working), many of the dialogs tests, etc etc.

All of this is testing with the wp8.1 project. Anyone else seeing this or have I got something
configured incorrectly?
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