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From Marcel Kinard <>
Subject [DISCUSS] continuous build and release process
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2014 04:34:57 GMT
Honestly, we're not doing continuous build. Yes, there are 3 repos that build within their
own scope, but we aren't building end-to-end. I think we need to be building continuously

Here are some thoughts:

- goal should be to have an automated system that generates nightly builds. The build includes
everything end-to-end (i.e.: cli+lib+js dependency tree, platforms, plugins). All that is
left to promote a build artifact to an RC is signing and copying to dist-dev. 
- as much as possible, no input should be required outside of what is in the git repos - commit
to git and go.
- publishes nightly builds to a test npm registry, so you can do "npm install cordova@2014.09.15"
while pointing to this test registry.
- does some end-to-end smoke testing such as creating projects, adding and removing plugins,
adding platforms and generating an app
- shrinkwrap is generated (for those modules that need shrinkwrap)

Bonus points for the following:
- runs unit tests of all components
- uncurated release notes are automatically collected
- generates reports from audit-license-headers and license-check (hey, maybe even fail the

As far as our release process, one gap I suggest we fill is that branches get created for
all repos when the first RC is created from master. Not just platforms. If there is a need
to spin another RC with a modification, this makes it much more predictable and easier (no
winding back the version bump, and then putting it back in after we apply our mod).

Coho is a big help, but there still is way too much manual glue and steps. Maybe I'm incompetent,
but the 3.6 platforms/tools release has been very painful.

Now this I think would accelerate our release pace.

Whaddya think?

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