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From Marcel Kinard <>
Subject [Vote] 3.6.1 Cadence Release 3rd attempt
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 19:40:19 GMT
Please review and vote on this 3.6.1 Cadence Release.

(This includes fixes to cordova-lib to reference the 3.6.1 platforms.)

Release issue:

Repos ready to be released have been published to dist/dev:

The packages were published from their corresponding git tags:

    cordova-android: 3.6.1 (caa82b2f26)
    cordova-ios: 3.6.1 (2d8167fb46)
    cordova-blackberry: 3.6.1 (87d281354f)
    cordova-wp8: 3.6.1 (79546dcec6)
    cordova-windows: 3.6.1 (815f4bcde7)
    cordova-firefoxos: 3.6.1 (fcd5f68318)
    cordova-ubuntu: 3.6.1 (a03dee5bdb)
    cordova-amazon-fireos: 3.6.1 (48c7352451)

    cordova-mobile-spec: 3.6.1 (09baccdd57)
    cordova-app-hello-world: 3.6.1 (ff1fbfd574)

    cordova-lib: 0.21.10 (bc04dfb1f0)
    cordova-plugman: 0.22.7 (df6703bcae)
    cordova-cli: 3.6.1-0.2.10 (4c1c8c398e)

Upon a successful vote I will upload the archives to dist/, publish them to NPM, and post
the corresponding blog post.

These rc's have NOT been published to npm.

Voting guidelines:

Voting will go on for a minimum of 72 hours.

I do suggest a good sanity test, since the scripts didn't always work thus there was a good
deal of manual work involved.

I vote +1:
* Small delta over 3.6.0 rc
* Ran coho verify-archive over the relevant repos
* Checked that continuous build was green when repos were tagged
* Ran coho verify-tags over the relevant repos
* Compared the contents of the tarballs to a git checkout
* Ran mobile-spec automated tests with released plugins on Android: 2 failures (filetransfer.spec.18,
* Ran mobile-spec automated tests with master version of plugins on Android: no failures
* Ran Android native tests: no failures

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