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From Myles Borins <>
Subject Re: NodeJS Hooks dependencies?
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 21:33:49 GMT
If you have a package.json at the base of the project any dependencies installed in the node_modules
folder will be resolved at any depth.  You should only need to do a single install at the
base of hook.  Do you have a copy of the project I could take a peek at?

If the cordovaUserProject itself already has a package.json you should just add the dependencies
in there and they will automatically be added to the path when required in by the scripts
(and only need to be installed at the same time the user does the initial bootstrap).  If
you were interested in abstracting these scripts further it is possible to build node modules
that expose binaries through the ‘bin’ key in the package json.  You would then be able
to reference these scripts directly in an npm script without specific paths, as they will
be installed into ./node_modules/.bin, which is shimmed into path of an npm script. 

This would allow you to add the following to the single package.json

scripts: {
	bootstrap: ‘prepare’,
	compile: ‘some bash script that compiles’,
	post: ‘compile’,
	build: ‘npm run bootstrap && npm run compile && npm run post’

then in your project (or any script) you could simply run ‘npm build’ and it would all

Please let me know if any of that wasn’t clear.  It is worth mentioning that install scripts
are generally considered an anti-pattern in the node community (as it states in the docs
 Clever concatenation of bash scripts is considered elegant though!


Myles Borins

On Aug 5, 2014, at 2:22 PM, Lorin Beer <> wrote:

> a suggestion:
> as part of the hook script, have it attempt an npm install iff the
> dependencies are not present. You can hide the require calls in a
> try/catch, if caught, then run an install script in the relevant hook
> directories.
> If admin privileges are required for the install, prompt for credentials,
> or tell the user to change the directory permissions...
> Don't know about 'best practice', but it's light weight and doesn't force
> the user to execute an intermediate install step.
> On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Carlos Santana <> wrote:
>> I'm writing new cordova hooks, and decided to do them in nodejs
>> First problem I hit was dependencies for the hook scripts:
>> so far I have two scripts:
>> cordovaUserProject/hook/before_prepare/wl_b_prepare.js
>> cordovaUserProject/hook/after_compile/wl_a_compile.js
>> I have both starting like this:
>> #!/usr/bin/env node
>> var shell = require('shelljs'),
>> nopt  = require('nopt');
>> shell.echo('Running Worklight Cordova Hook');
>> I get errors because it can't find dependencies 'shelljs' and 'nopt'
>> To resolve this I would need the user or another hook before this one to
>> install the node_modules in one of these places
>> cordovaUserProject/node_modules/
>> cordovaUserProject/hook/node_modules/
>> cordovaUserProject/hook/before_prepare/node_modules/
>> cordovaUserProject/hook/after_compile/node_modules/
>> What would be a best practice?
>> Who get's to install? (user or me)
>> Where to install?
>> --
>> Carlos Santana
>> <>

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