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From "Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: Ripple as a Cordova platform - experiment
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:41:41 GMT
My bad, did not realize the WWW did not exist. It was just a sample app, which used the camera
API. You can use the camera API and it will work with Ripple too. 

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From: [] On Behalf Of Michal Mocny
Sent: Monday, July 7, 2014 8:04 PM
To: dev
Subject: Re: Ripple as a Cordova platform - experiment

FYI there is no www attachment (this mailing list strips off attachments).
 Is it strictly necessary or was it just an example?

On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 6:31 PM, Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH) <>

> Hi,
> We have been experimenting with converting Apache Ripple into one of 
> the Cordova platforms. Apache Ripple is a great tool for emulating the 
> mobile devices.
> Ripple currently supports some core built-in plugins. The idea of 
> making it a platform is for any plugin (including core plugins and 
> third party
> plugins) simulate the information when user code calls the plugin. The 
> plug in would just have to add the "Ripple" platform, and have a 
> javascript file that emits the required mock or real data.
> This is also very similar to the cordova-browser where browser becomes 
> a cordova platform. For next steps, we are looking at how we could try 
> to layer Ripple on top of Cordova browser since the underlying 
> platforms for both systems are similar.
> P.S: We would also need an API for plugins to display widgets that let 
> users manipulate the data a plugin returns. This prototype does not 
> address that issue, but is aware of it, and we are looking at 
> community help to fix the problem
> Here is the project and the instructions on how to run it.
> You can test it with following commands:
> 1. Install cordova-cli and cordova-lib a. cd to d:\cordova b. Get 
> cordova-cli
>        git clone
> c. Get cordova-lib
>        git clone
> d. Link your cordova-lib repo to cordova-cli node-modules:
>        cd cordova-cli\node_modules
> mklink /d cordova-lib d:\cordova\cordova-lib\cordova-lib (this should 
> be run with admin privileges) e. Install dependencies to both 
> cordova-cli and cordova-lib:
>        cd cordova-cli && npm install
>        cd cordova-lib\cordova-lib && npm install f. Now you can run 
> CLI with following:
>        D:\cordova\cordova-cli\bin\cordova.cmd
>        You can make alias for this command or run it any other way.
> 2. Create test  project
> cordova create test-project
> 3. Replace www folder inside the project with the one from the 
> attachment 4. Add ripple platform cordova platform add ripple 5. Add 
> camera plugin cordova plugin add 
> 6. Start application
> cordova emulate
> Would love to hear your feedback and any other question you may have.
> Please let us know if this sounds interesting.
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