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From "Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject Ripple as a Cordova platform - experiment
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 22:31:01 GMT

We have been experimenting with converting Apache Ripple into one of the Cordova platforms.
Apache Ripple is a great tool for emulating the mobile devices. 

Ripple currently supports some core built-in plugins. The idea of making it a platform is
for any plugin (including core plugins and third party plugins) simulate the information when
user code calls the plugin. The plug in would just have to add the "Ripple" platform, and
have a javascript file that emits the required mock or real data. 
This is also very similar to the cordova-browser where browser becomes a cordova platform.
For next steps, we are looking at how we could try to layer Ripple on top of Cordova browser
since the underlying platforms for both systems are similar. 

P.S: We would also need an API for plugins to display widgets that let users manipulate the
data a plugin returns. This prototype does not address that issue, but is aware of it, and
we are looking at community help to fix the problem 
Here is the project and the instructions on how to run it.  
You can test it with following commands:
1. Install cordova-cli and cordova-lib
a. cd to d:\cordova
b. Get cordova-cli
       git clone
c. Get cordova-lib
       git clone
d. Link your cordova-lib repo to cordova-cli node-modules:
       cd cordova-cli\node_modules
mklink /d cordova-lib d:\cordova\cordova-lib\cordova-lib (this should be run with admin privileges)
e. Install dependencies to both cordova-cli and cordova-lib:
       cd cordova-cli && npm install
       cd cordova-lib\cordova-lib && npm install
f. Now you can run CLI with following:
       You can make alias for this command or run it any other way.
2. Create test  project
cordova create test-project
3. Replace www folder inside the project with the one from the attachment
4. Add ripple platform
cordova platform add ripple
5. Add camera plugin
cordova plugin add
6. Start application
cordova emulate
Would love to hear your feedback and any other question you may have. Please let us know if
this sounds interesting.

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