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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Bugs handling name field in cordova-platforms -- was: Re: New project <PATH> vs. <NAME>
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:33:13 GMT
Chuck Lantz wrote:
>The problem does seem to tie to platform implementations.

>we have been seeing issues with both Android and iOS failing to compile
>if the name of the app
>(<name></name> in config.xml not the project) contains unicode characters.

I've already filed one bug about the fact that things like "default" don't
work in Android. It wasn't fixed well, in fact, I don't think they even
fixed my original case.

>The reason this is special is it shows up on device home pages.
>For iOS this appeared to present because the app name is used for the
>underlying native project name.

>For Android, it looks like it's tied to a class name that is generated.


>Another issue appears to stem from the fact that some of the build
>processes are using shell scripts
>which can mangle international characters if your system isn't setup with
>the right system locale -
>which is what is driving CB-7129.
>However, even updating to the correct system locale doesn't fix Android
>or iOS.

>We've seen a surprising amount of international interest,
>so not being able to use a language appropriate app name seems like a
>pretty big deal particularly
>given there's base globalization plugin designed the help with these
>Chinese is a big one that comes to mind.

>Here's the iOS bug in question:

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