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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Re: New project <PATH> vs. <NAME>
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2014 21:05:31 GMT
Well, first, I would like to officially agree that people speaking in
language with diacritics are people :)

I'm not 100% sure of your exact proposal, but I think you are suggesting
a) "cordova create Foo" should create a project in directory Foo with name
"Foo", and not name "Hello World"
b) Support for unicode for Name?

Regarding (a), I'm a bit torn.  It seems like a good change in isolation,
but personally I think we should just get rid of all parameters except
Path.  Specifically, you have to edit your config.xml to change a bunch
more than just packageId and Name, so why are those special?  Also,
"cordova create Foo" will still create the Hello World application, which
should specify its default name/packageId in its config.xml, why override
those at create time?

Regarding (b), I just changed my config.xml to: <name>/daɪ.əˈkrɪtɨk/</name>
or <name>διακριτικός</name> or <name>ąćęłńóśźż</name>..
and it always
worked exactly as expected.  Not sure what else we require?

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Jan Velecký <> wrote:

> Hello,
> probably many of you developers are english speaking. But most of languages
> have diacritics. Below is CLI create syntax:
>     create <PATH> [ID [NAME [CONFIG]]] ....... creates a Cordova project in
> the specified PATH, with
>                                                ID reverse-domain-style
> package name - used in <widget id>
>                                                NAME is a human readable
> field
>                                                CONFIG is a json string
> whose
> key/values will be included
> Look at item NAME – human readable. CLI tell us, that this is human
> readable
> field, I think diacritics is very very human readable, if people speaking
> in
> language with diacritics are people... In fact, this option is name of
> project, but name of project cannot be diacritical, because of historical
> reasons and their impacts on present software...
> Another thing, don't you think, that is the best practise to use same
> project directory name as project name?
> So, my proposal is change it to (line 1 and 3):
>     create <PATH> [ID [NAME [CONFIG]]] ....... creates a Cordova project of
> PATH name in the specified PATH, with
>                                                ID reverse-domain-style
> package name - used in <widget id>
>                                                NAME is an application name
>                                                CONFIG is a json string
> whose
> key/values will be included
> 1.) Typically, there cannot be two project of same name alike there cannot
> be two directories of same name. Also, there are good reasons to use in
> both
> of names only latin letters, numbers, hyphen and underscore. So, why path
> name isn't also project name?
> 2.) With name attribute supporting more chars, it can be used as
> application
> name (showed on device/emulator). So if developer develops czech
> application
> with off course czech name and with diacritics too, he don't have to
> editing
> any files in platforms projects. Also, if he develops english-named
> application, but with some rare char to make name attractive, he don't have
> to do this. And this should be name of project in config.xml in project
> root, so user (in future) can change this application name and CLI changes
> names of applciation name in each project instead of him.
> 3.) If NAME is omitted, project directory, name of platform projects and
> application names should be same.
> This have only benefits, and for most of developers I think with no broken
> backward-compability.

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