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From Chuck Lantz <>
Subject RE: New project <PATH> vs. <NAME>
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:05:43 GMT
The problem does seem to tie to platform implementations.

On the Visual Studio side, we have been seeing issues with both Android and iOS failing to
compile if the name of the app (<name></name> in config.xml not the project) contains
unicode characters. The reason this is special is it shows up on device home pages. For iOS
this appeared to present because the app name is used for the underlying native project name.
 For Android, it looks like it's tied to a class name that is generated.  Another issue appears
to stem from the fact that some of the build processes are using shell scripts which can mangle
international characters if your system isn't setup with the right system locale - which is
what is driving CB-7129.  However, even updating to the correct system locale doesn't fix
Android or iOS.

We've seen a surprising amount of international interest, so not being able to use a language
appropriate app name seems like a pretty big deal particularly given there's base globalization
plugin designed the help with these scenarios. Chinese is a big one that comes to mind.  

Here's the iOS bug in question:


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From: Josh Soref [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: New project <PATH> vs. <NAME>

Jan Velecký wrote:
>On Windows with Android, it "works". But make zkouka class and class 
>file, so it's confusing. I prefer project name separatedly...
>PS: From this (weird) žůžováÁpčina name makes ovpina, how cool... :-)

>on Mac (zkouška is test in czech), then add ios platform ends with error.
>It's because diacritics cannot be in project name. When I after that 
>change <name> to zkouska, adding ios platform finish successfully. 
>Don't confuse project name and application name.

On BlackBerry10 (cordova-blackberry), it just works <period>

I get a nice running application with שלום in the list of running apps, and in the launcher.

This to me seems more like a bug w/ cordova-ios and cordova-android than a thing that should
be changed in how cordova-cli works.

Of note, I did have one person who asked why we didn't name our .bar (application packages)
based on the app name. This is probably one of the benefits we get from not doing that...

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