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From "Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: [Discuss] The Future of Ripple as a Top Level ASF Project
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2014 22:49:33 GMT
Hi Gorkem,

We have produced a couple of prototypes to show how Ripple can be used as a platform. We have
been able to delegate most of the plugin specific functionality to the plugin itself, that
includes a <platform ripple> tag in its plugin.xml. 
We are definitely interested in supporting Ripple and do not have a preference about it becoming
a Cordova sub project, or staying a top level project. 

Would love to hear your feedback on this prototype, and any suggestions that you may have
on taking this forward. 

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From: Gorkem Ercan [] 
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: [Discuss] The Future of Ripple as a Top Level ASF Project

Did this discussion concluded? What was the conclusion?

I would like to see Ripple to have a healthy future and if having it as a sub-project on Cordova
ensures it, I would like to help with that.
I think we can have one or two people from Red Hat assisting on the maintenance of Ripple.
This probably is not enough for a top-level project but may be enough to continue as a sub-project.

Also, I know there are tools (folks from MSFT, I am looking at you) that use ripple, they
may also be ultimately interested on the well being of the project.

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 10:30 AM, Brent Lintner <>

> Hey All,
> Since becoming an incubator project (being donated graciously by 
> BlackBerry), Ripple has seen positive contributions.
> However, it is also apparent that the community does not seem large 
> enough to sustain a project like this as a top level project (let 
> alone an individual PMC).
> Three of the original contributors/creators of Ripple are now fully 
> involved in a new technology startup in an unrelated field and 
> therefore we no longer have the resources to support Ripple in ASF. 
> Also, BlackBerry has given no resources to help since donating Ripple 
> to the ASF (this might be due to a change in their internal priorities).
> Given this, I would like to propose:
> 1. We find more community members willing to lead committership of the 
> project, and see how that goes.
> 2. We also consider the eventuality of folding Ripple into another ASF 
> project, if possible. If so, it would seem Cordova is a candidate for 
> this, especially given the project being one of Ripple's main focus and support.
> If the community votes for this, we should involve the Cordova 
> community to gage their interests as well (I've CC'd their mailing list in this email).
> 3. If the above does not work out, I would then suggest we consider 
> the most unfortunate (put perhaps prudent) eventuality, which is to "fail"
> Ripple as an incubator project. "fail" is this case, not being negative.
> And, if it does fail incubation- what does ASF normally do with the 
> project?
> Does it get donated back to the original party? Does it get moved to 
> an open source project outside of ASF (under a different license)?
> Any insight would be appreciated!
> --
> Brent Lintner
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