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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: missing documentation and missing major version bump
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 22:32:10 GMT
Michal wrote:
> Current cli is cadver-semver and if even if we had bumped the semver MAJOR it would not
have mattered.
> If you were using semantic version matching in
your package.json for cli dependancy,
> the current scheme does not match the way you expect.
> Josh your suggestion is that we should have used our ‎cadver number as a semver this
last release, but its never been used that way.
> That is exactly the point of the latest plan from last hangout to
> address release process to dump the cadver portion of cli (see discussion
on other threads if 4.0.0 is the right initial semver).

I'm asking us to hurry up and ship a 4.0.0 and then ship something which is a cad-semver (3
. something) with the nopt stuff reverted. 

I'm not personally using package.json with cli, and I'm certainly not using grunt-cordovacli,
but people apparently do. And what we (Cordova) did broke them. 

> p.s. If BB relied on --someblackberryspecificoption working, it would have
> been useful to bring up during last tooling release vote window.

Sorry, we've been focusing on releasing our product and I haven't had the resources to test
the tooling releases. 

I usually assume that webworks foo and cordova foo will do the same thing, and they often
do. Unfortunately (or fortunately), in the case of run, webworks talks to cordova-lib of somehow
similarly skips the option parsing that trips people up here. 

> Better yet, set up a local CI that automatically reports setup/build failures, as
> we use here for ios&android vanilla&cca and has been quite valuable.

I'm somewhat -1 on this. We lost a lot of time trying to set up a buildbot or something similar
for someone, and that went nowhere. The round trip time was awful. Setting up BlackBerry 10
is pretty easy. If someone who understands the CI system of the day wants to do it, I'd encourage
them to do it. I'd be happy to help with any specific questions (or find someone else who

What I'm willing to do is look into:
1. Writing "(cordova-cli) cordova getsdk platform" (for at least android and blackberry 10)
2. Writing "(cordova-cli) npm run test-platforms" which would getsdk for each platform, get
the platform and run a well known entry point for that platform to get its test directory
‎and then run the commands it specifies. That way whomever sets up CI can just teach it
to run test-platforms and whenever someone adds a platform, they don't have to waste time
trying to set up CI, just fill in the blanks (getsdk, get-tests). 

(this is on top of them writing the platform, the metadata parser, and support for plugman) 

But, tentatively, 1 and 2 are behind me refactoring metadata parser and plugman platform bits
into their respective platforms.
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