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From Gorkem Ercan <>
Subject Re: What's Stopping us From Independent Platform Releases
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 09:41:56 GMT

This has been discussed long enough and even for those downstream
distros and tools who will have to adjust, it is better to finalize it. 

Overall I like the plan, my major concern was with cadence releaeses gone, the lack of a
name/tag/version number for Cordova, and a description of its contents. Now, this is 
addressed with CLI and package.json file.

My +1 for this. 

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 05:25:28PM -0400, Andrew Grieve wrote:
> Wanted to start a thread for everyone to share what concrete changes they'd
> like to see happen before we start having platforms being released in an
> unsynchronized fashion.
> I'll start :)
> cordova-js:
>  - cordova.version returns a value computed from the cordova-js git tag.
>    - Let's deprecate this field
>    - And create "cordova.platformVersion"
>    - And update our release process to have the version set based on the
> platform's version rather than the tag within cordova-js.

What will be the value for cordova.version during deprecation period?

> Cordova-docs:
>  - Most of the docs are not actually affected by platform versions.
>  - Mainly though, it's the platform guides that are.
>  - Two options that I see:
>    - 1) Set default version to "edge" & always annotate with "added in
> X.X.X, removed in X.X.X"
>    - 2) Move guides to live in platform repos and link to them from docs.
> cordova-cli:
>   - Set version to 4.0.0 just to make it so that it doesn't map to any
> existing platform versions

Not sure if this matters. Platforms will catch up to 4.0.0 soon enough.

> Release Process:
>   - Tag cordova-js for each platform release with "PLATFORM-VERSION"
>   - Rewrite
> as "platforms-release-process"

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