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From Ray Camden <>
Subject When is .cordova created?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:34:04 GMT
(This question feels like it *should* be appropriate here, but if I should raise it on the
PG Google group, I will.)

I recently released a Brackets extension that wrapped calls to the Cordova CLI. I wrote some
simple logic to handle checking if a folder is a Cordova project. I simply looked for a subdirectory
called .cordova.

But a user told me the extension wasn't correctly seeing a Cordova project and when I tested,
it looks like the default cordova create command will not make the folder. It only exists
(so far in my testing) if I create a new project and use --copy-from.

Is there a reason why .cordova doesn't always exist? 

Worse comes to worse, I may just use some logic to see if platforms, plugins, and www exist
as subdirectories.

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