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From Ray Camden <>
Subject recent tools update, Splash screen support
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2014 02:33:21 GMT
I'm a bit behind on the recent tooling update so forgive me if this is a dumb question. The
very first item listed is:

Support for splash screens

Which is odd since I thought splash screens had been available for some time now. We've had
an API to hide show them. We've also had documented ways to include them for a while -

Going into the details in the blog post we see:

CB-3571, CB-2606 support for splashscreens

Ok, so CB-2606 is "Add support for <icon> elements in config.xml". If it relates to
this update, I don't see how, and the blog post doesn't say how it does. 

CB-3571 is definitely better: "Add support for <splash> elements in config.xml". But
this isn't documented here:

nor here:

So while I can guess there is a new <splash> option for config.xml, where would our
users get the specifics? 
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