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From "Fischer, Paul A" <>
Subject RE: & cordova?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:38:43 GMT
I think they are referring to the Crosswalk pluggable webview. They currently use Crosswalk
as their delivery mechanism for Android and it includes an approximately 15 MB payload for
the replacement webview.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Michal Mocny

I'm not concerned about that part Joe.  I'm a little concerned about the way they worded the
second part.  It sounds like its something custom they are building, that isn't related to
cordova at all.  I'm assuming it is, but talk about questionable writeup (gasp, surprise for

On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 12:02 AM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:

> WTF is Adobe Cordova? I know that someone was talking to the 
> guys, but they really screwed up this mailout. :S
> On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 8:59 PM, Michal Mocny <> wrote:
> > From todays email marketting:
> >
> >
> > *Adobe collaboration*
> > We are proud to announce that we have officially begun a 
> > collaboration project with the Adobe Cordova team to make core 
> > improvements to Cordova itself. Included as part of this project 
> > will be a section of University to teach people how to wrap apps.
> >
> > *The Wrapper*
> > The wrapper will enable developers to create a pluggable webview 
> > wrapped inside their Android apps. The good news is that you can 
> > provide a Chrome
> > 35 webview with this method. The bad news is that it comes with a 
> > 10-20MB payload. We are collaborating with another company on this 
> > project—sorry, but we can't say their name yet. This solution is in 
> > the labs and is not ready for production. We will let you know when 
> > it is available. If you'd like to participate in our beta, please contact
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