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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: [Android] Battery Plugin API drains battery..What now???
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 16:19:21 GMT
Joe Bowser wrote:
>1. Do other platforms have battery problems when they're constantly
>monitoring the level of the battery?  Or is this just something the
>Android implementation has problems with?

Good question, it'd definitely be helpful to have an answer.

But please don't let that answer hold up feedback to the DAP list [1].
(Don't let perfect be the enemy of good)

There's a narrow window in which you can provide feedback asking for big
changes, so please provide the feedback about what you've experienced now.

* This is slightly different from what I wrote to Marcos [2], because you
have the firsthand experience, and I don't want to be a proxy.

>2. If it's just Android, does it make sense for Android to just not
>implement this spec and not have a battery plugin?

No, if there's a serious problem implementing a spec, then that needs to
be sent to the spec authors.

>I could test out iOS to see if this is also a problem,

Please (ideally we'd have someone else volunteer, but, …)

> but I'm thinking other people already ran into this by now, right?

I suspect people don't actually pay attention to the impact of their code.

Certainly that's my experience from dealing w/ web authors.
They'll add stuff, determine that things happen, and move onto the next
Rarely do people actually verify that their changes haven't had other
negative impact.
Especially for checklist things, and IMO this is a checklist item.


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