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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject [Android] Battery Plugin API drains battery..What now???
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 22:35:20 GMT

After the battery tests, I looked at the battery plugin, and we need
to shelve the battery plugin until we get a new API.  Worse yet, the
W3C API proposed is terrible and should never be implemented on

So, as we currently implement it, we set the battery to listen to the
batteryChange event, which is used to return the battery level, which
isn't actually a percent but some number that isn't consistent across
Android devices.  This bug has been filed.

However, a more serious bug is the fact that every time this is
triggered, it takes about 1% of battery power.  I've played with this
event in the past on a side project, and it's killed batteries on my
devices in less than an hour.

So, the proper way you monitor for battery events is by monitoring for
certain events by adding an events receiver in the AndroidManifest.xml
file, and letting that fire an event depending on whether there's a
callbackContext assigned to it.  The problem is that we should only
monitor certain manifests, and get the values when those events
happen.  We can support getting the value of the battery on demand,
but we should discourage our users from doing this.

This brings us to the W3C Battery API:

To me, this is unimplementable without killing the battery, since this
appears to work similarly to our device API in that we'd have to
populate this on an interval, and that interval on Android is how fast
you want your battery to die.  So, how do we want to approach this? I
have no idea why the W3C wrote a specification that is near impossible
to implement.



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