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From Frederico Galvão <>
Subject Re: Ant/Crosswalk woes
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 18:27:21 GMT
If I may have a word on this:

I fought for quite a few weeks before I could get my project to a working
state for both CLI and my IDE (Intellij IDEA).
Considering what my final solution was and development workflow has been
since then, I could say that for me the CLI working is much more important
right now, only because no IDE can handle the whole cordova development
workflow on it's own right now, which makes me have to deal with CLI sooner
or later. With that said, I'd rather have all my dev workflow based on the
CLI right now than have to deal with any slow solution on either path.

Also, considering my case with IntellijIDEA, I was able to bring almost
everything from the CLI I need into the IDE itself, even more now that they
have an embeded terminal tab which solves everything I eventually couldn't
solve directly on the IDE. In the end, I use CLI for "prepare" and Intellij
IDEA to build, run to a device from the IDE, be able to change native code
(xmls and drawables mainly), and watch it on git (this brings us into
another conversation about the official recomendation of what to add and
what to ignore on git for a cordova project, but I'd leave it for another
day). This has been the best workflow so far, and incremental build is a
key piece in all of this. Actually, as a side note, I don't know why but
Intellij IDEA "run" process on top of the android shell is much much faster
than cordova's.

I'd disconsider every option that throws incremental build away unless it's
the last solution on earth. Having to wait more than 15 seconds everytime I
have to test a new javascript function or css rule is a killer, and doesn't
fit on the cordova way of life. Add at least the FacebookLib into your
project and this jumps to 25 seconds easily on some machines.

I can't say much about Eclipse and how much you could integrate node
scripts or terminal commands into it, but I'd say just dump support for
build on both paths at the same time (which was the root issue that created
the ant-gen and ant-bin) and focus on making the CLI way perfect and fast,
which would make a "simple/clean/*fast*" solution, instead of the
"simple/clean/*slow*" mentioned. Even then, if anyone want to keep on the
IDE itself (like me, using IDE to build and run after a cordova prepare),
it'll still work as long as they don't mix CLI and IDE builds together.

And @JoeBowser: How often do people switch tools? I don't, anymore, since I
realized I could bring the CLI into my IDE. I use both instead, but not at
the same time in the same step. My whole process is one of either:

1- change web code (Any text editor) -> gulp trigger resource preprocessing
on to the www folder (CLI) -> gulp trigger "cordova prepare" (CLI) ->
android compilation and apk build using the default gen/bin folders
(IntellijIDEA) -> run to device (IntellijIDEA).
2- change web code (Any text editor) -> gulp trigger resource preprocessing
on to the www folder (CLI) -> gulp trigger "cordova prepare" (CLI) -> F5 on
browser ripple emulator.

And to make sure it's clear, the only reason I still use Intellij IDEA to
build and run the APK is because it's faster than cordova CLI.

2014-06-06 12:04 GMT-03:00 Marcel Kinard <>:

> Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but if the choice is between
> simple/clean/slow versus complex/fragile/fast, I’d prefer the former.


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