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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Contacts API, iOS
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2014 18:07:24 GMT
(I struggled with whether or not this should go here or the Google Group. Settled on here but
if folks think it should be moved, just let me know.)

I was building a small test of the pickContact API when I noticed it didn't work in iOS. I
opened up a remote debug session with Safari and noticed it had chooseContact.

Thinking it was just a doc bug, I corrected it with a pull request and returned to my code.
But then my app crashed after selecting a contact.

>From what I can see, the chooseContact iOS API is:

    chooseContact : function(successCallback, options) {


    chooseContact : function(successCallback, errorCallback) {

So something is seriously weird here compared to the original docs. Anyone know what is going
on with the plugin?

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