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From Martin Gonzalez Glez <>
Subject [Blackberry10] View logging events without the IDE
Date Fri, 23 May 2014 21:38:51 GMT
Deploying Blackberry 10 apps, I realize that it is possible to view the
events on the device or emulator without the IDE usage.

This can be an useful stuff to* debug any Cordova App*.

-Command line tools from the Native SDK or the tools from the BB10 WebWorks
SDK (1.0 or 2.0).
-Client SSH (PuTTY, Open SSH, Free SSH or any other).
-Platform irrelevant.
-Device or Simulator.

First at all, it is required create a public and private RSA 4096 key, to
do use the SSH client to create it.

   *ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096*

Set a name and path, then a passphrase, then it will be stored.
Note: Windows user default path: %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\, here's where the ssh
tools looks first.

Then, connect your device or start the simulator, and activate the
Development Mode at Settings, set a password and check for the IP provided.

*Create a secure connection with the device:*


   - C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BB10 WebWorks SDK\cordova-blackberry\bin\dependencies\bb-tools\bin
   - C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK\dependencies\tools\bin
   - Native SDK bin path with the tools.

Any of above paths should do the work, you can add any of those to the PATH
variable or add it temporally in the current command prompt/shell.


*blackberry-connect [ip] -password [password-device] -sshPublicKey


*blackberry-connect -password bbpass11 -sshPublicKey

Note: The IP it is provided when you activate the development mode in
If you are using the simulator provide the ip located at the *south-left
corner*, otherwise it's not going to work.

If the connection fails, check:

   - Development mode setting
   - Settings --> Storage --> USB connection
   - No other blackberry-connect command-line tool is already connected.
   - Is not connected by the IDE.

After the successful connected message, open a new command prompt/shell,
and connect to the device with the SSH client.

*ssh devuser@IPDEVICE -i path-to-the/id_rsa*

PWD = C:/Users/admin

*ssh dev@ <dev@> -i .ssh\id_rsa*

This time we are providing the private key to connect with the device. If
everything went just fine, we are in a ssh connection with the device, we
can explore the device storage content.

Type to start to view logging events:

*slog2info -w*

Now you have devuser access to the device, and availability to view all
events related with the applications installed in the device, similar to
log cat from android.


*slog2info -h *

In order to check all options.
Keep both command prompt windows opened.

Well, this is what I found, there you have the how to do it, the workflow
can be followed to debug any app, and it can used to quickly and easy view
the events on the native side, how your app behaves in there.

RIM folks, is there any other alternative, besides of the IDE usage? or how
are you guys doing this?


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