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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Apache Cordova "Translated using Microsoft Bing Translation"...
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 18:43:37 GMT
(note the mixed public/private mailing lists)

We have a draft document that I'd like to get comments on and make final 
in general (it should be close) that describes expected practices in 
this area:

I'd love comments on the clarity of the explanations there.

One key point is that such blurbs should not be on project home pages. 
But otherwise, this plan sounds appropriate if the PMC is using this 
donated service to provide more translations.  Several other projects 
have dedicated Thanks pages for services or software license donations 
just like this case.

- Shane

On 5/29/14 1:44 PM, Lisa Seacat DeLuca wrote:
> Cordova/Apache Team~
> As many of you are aware, we are using Crowdin to translate our
> documentation into multiple languages.  When we are nearly 100%
> translated we utilize some machine translation within the crowdin tool
> to finish off the translations.  Currently we are using the free level
> within Microsoft Translator service which includes 2 Million characters
> a month.  As we add support for additional languages and provide
> translations across the multiple platforms and plugins we quickly hit
> that 2 million character limit.  I have spoken with the Microsoft
> Translator team and they have graciously agreed to support our project
> by providing us with the 64M character level a month at no cost.  In
> return, they ask that we acknowledge the use of Microsoft Translator for
> our translations.
> /I'm writing to see if anyone sees any reason why this is something we
> cannot do/.  I have CC'ed the Apache trademarks email to make sure they
> don't have any issues from an Apache point of view.
> In summary, we would have a blurb on our documentation or main
> website(s) that says something such as the following
> "Apache Cordova documentation is available in multiple languages
> courtesy of Crowdin and Microsoft Translator"
> or
> "Thanks to Crowdin and Microsoft Translator we are able to offer the
> Apache Cordova documentation in multiple languages"
> Thoughts? (please do not use this thread to debate the pros and cons of
> using Machine Translation)
> Lisa
> Lisa Seacat DeLuca
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