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From Rodrigo Silveira <>
Subject Re: Rant about translation process
Date Fri, 16 May 2014 18:23:10 GMT
I don't think the machine translation is automatically added to the docs. When you're translating,
crowdin shows you bing translation and allows you to populate the translate text box with
the translation. I find it *very* handy. I still have to reword it to make it right, but saves
me a lot of time.

Someone must be actively clicking the suggestion and submitting it without review. If you
click on one of the translated text that came straight from the machine translated suggestion,
you can see the author who submitted the translation. I'd suggest contacting them directly.
Crowdin has a contact button on user profiles.


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From: "Andrey Kurdumov" <>
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2014 7:27:54 AM
Subject: Rant about translation process

In spare time I translate Cordova docs to Russian and found that do that in
efficient way is much harder then it should be.

My main pain points is machine translation and the lack of incentive to
support translation of docs in Crowin.
a) Please don't use machine translation. It is create awful translation
which in no way not looks like Russian text. Reading that text is probable
doable task, but I think anybody who don't know English could use tools in
their browser for machine translation. IE and Chrome has great tools for
that. That's from user perspective, and that's the reason why I start
translating to Russian myself, I just could not read that crap which was
produced by Bing.
b) Crowdin has great abilities which could help translating large docs
easier. It should really help manage translation process. But looks like
Cordova does not have any translation process except using machine
translation. When doing manual translation I spotted some issues when text
which should be locked from translation not locked, and vice versa, some
code in examples was translated and locked from translation later on. I
report these issues about month ago on JIRA, these issues are still there.
c) Since machine translation used for translating, and used in automated
way, as a regular translator without admin access to project, I have no way
to track progress of my work and what's left because almost every time you
left project for long time when you comeback you have everything translated
and you have to read whole docs again to find spot which was translated

I not sure what are current state of other languages, but if translation
process could be adjusted to be less destructive for manual translation. I
take this probably too personal because my small progress meter just jump
from 81% to 99%, my reward meter is broken, sigh..., and I have to reread
whole docs again, since new text could be added to the areas which I
translated earlier and it was translated automatically which means low
quality content for grammar-nazi inside me, .

I have some ideas how this could be improved, but that's actually depends
on what are you willing to do with translation process and how much effort
would be put into it.

Andrey Kurdyumov

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