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From Cameron Barrie <>
Subject Generating configuration files
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:31:02 GMT
Hey folks,
I'm an iOS/Android developer and am currently wrapping a 3rd party Native SDK(iOS &&
Android) in a Cordova plugin for a client.

I'll use iOS as my examples here, but the same principles apply to the Android build.
The SDK assumes that there is a file called config.plist, when the SDK is instantiated it
loads up it's API keys, and a variety of style elements(colors etc) for use by the SDK. 

I'd like to find a way to generate this file from the config.xml and/or the plugin.xml, but
I cannot seem to find an interface to do this within the Cordova eco-system? The config-file
element in the plugin.xml only appears to work on certain files(or I'm missing something pretty

Any advise anyone can provide would be great, otherwise, the devs integrating the plugin will
need to open the native projects and edit these files, which isn't ideal.

And please before anyone asks, no I am not the author of the SDK, and no, there is no programatic
way to set any of these variables(which I agree is stupid, alas that's how it's been designed).

Thanks in advance,

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