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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Some pain points from our users :'(
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:19:20 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> But code that is "constantly" changing also means people
> cannot standardize on it and they look for something more
> "stable"... The trick is to find that happy medium.

This is nonsense. [Yes, I'm feeding a troll. This may be the last time, I
might have to investigate kill-filing.]

Browsers change constantly. But they've standardized on a back button, a
URL bar, some way to "go", bookmarks, saving, printing.

There is nothing wrong with code changing.

One other thing that the browser developers learned is that getting people
to upgrade in baby steps results in fewer revolts.

We've also seen the reverse in OS's, when MS failed to get people to
migrate from 9x, or from XP, the pain of getting them to upgrade got worse
and worse the longer they delayed. People who upgraded from Win 3.0 -> Win
3.1 -> Win 3.11 had minimal pain. Even 3.11 -> 95 wasn't terrible. People
who upgraded 95 -> 98 -> Me (optional) | 2000 (optional) -> XP -> Vista ->
7 didn't have much pain. Going from 7 -> 8 -> 8.1 isn't bad either.

Sometimes there's more of a change in a given thing, sometimes there's
less. One trick MS used was to try to ensure certain things were
consistent, e.g. If you were used to doing <win>-r, or <win>-e, those
things worked from 95 -> 8.1. <win>,notepad,<enter> worked from Vista->
8.1 (and if you had evolved your start menu in XP or older, something
similar would have worked too).

Migration tools help. MS actually generally puts them together, although I
don't think it does a great job of getting people to use them. Tutorials
and write-ups for workflows/changes also help.

The migration guides that Cordova has had in prior versions were actually
pretty impressive. And I hope that we can put together some automated
tools to help w/ the future.

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