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From Ross Gerbasi <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] The Future of Ripple as a Top Level ASF Project
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 18:26:18 GMT
Ripple is awesome and if we are thinking about really pushing the
cordova-browser idea it really should consider all the things Ripple

Personally I would like to see all that stuff move into the individual
plugins. For example the geolocation plugin should have a emulator in it.
This way plugin developers can provide proper emulation. Maybe we could
come up with a standard for a plugin to add emulation support. Something as
simple as a emulation folder at the top level that has a JS file that would
get hooked in to your app in the browser.

This would allow for all plugin to provide either a UI to interface with or
dummy data to supply to an app in dev mode. We can then let chrome deal
with device emulation and we can worry about cordova emulation...

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 1:20 PM, Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH) <> wrote:

> To clarify, I did not mean to diminish the value of Ripple, I was just
> saying that Ripple is much more than valuable considering Cordova plugins.
> Ripple specializes in "Cordova" like API - deviceready, cordova plugins,
> etc.
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> From: Ray Camden []
> Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 11:16 AM
> To:
> Subject: RE: [Discuss] The Future of Ripple as a Top Level ASF Project
> As just an FYI, I couldn't disagree more about your first point ("minimal
> value"). Now that Ripple is working again, I find it to be *extremely*
> helpful for prototyping, quick testing, and teaching as well. You mention
> built in emulation in Chrome, and yep, that's nice, but consider
> geolocation. In Chrome, you have to enter a long/lat value (and I don't
> know about you, but I don't keep those values in my head), in Ripple, you
> can use a much simpler map interface to pick your location. Hell, just
> running deviceready for me automatically is helpful.
> Maybe I'm just too passionate about it - but I really don't want to
> minimize the value of Ripple.
> Sorry - carry on. ;)
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> From: Parashuram Narasimhan (MS OPEN TECH) <>
> Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 1:06 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: [Discuss] The Future of Ripple as a Top Level ASF Project
> So, should we start the formal proposal to the Apache Foundation to move
> on making Ripple a part of Cordova? I am guessing that we would need
> technical reasons on why that would make sense. I could help with drafting
> the proposal.
> - Ripple is mostly used for Cordova development. Browsers already have
> viewport/touch emulation built in and the value of ripple is minimal in
> this space
> - Ripple is very similar to other top level 'Cordova tools' like CLI,
> Medic, etc. Hence, it makes sense to treat it as such and make it a part of
> the Cordova like the other projects.

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