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From Tobias Bocanegra <>
Subject [osx] patch to support osx for cli
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2014 05:19:30 GMT

my name is Tobias Bocanegra and I work as a software engineer for
Adobe Systems. I recently got interested in using Cordova for one of
my projects. One of the target platforms is OSX, so I took a stab and
brushed up the code in cordova-osx [0].

I created a pull request [1] that will fix the following issues:
(unfortunately I cannot assign the issues to myself)

CB-2920 Add a ./cordova/clean project-level script for OSX
CB-2934 Add a ./cordova/build project-level script for OSX
CB-2946 Add a ./cordova/run project-level script for OSX
CB-2802 add a ./bin/check_reqs script to OS X
CB-2803 Add CLI scripts for OS X
CB-3343 OSX - add version script

One problem that remains is, that cli and plugman also need osx as
platform registered. And of course, it would be great if it could be
added. we can reuse the xcode parser from ios [2] and copy-paste the
platform support accordingly [3].

With cli and plugman patched accordingly, I can now add the osx
platform to the sample application and build and run it via cli.

Regards, Toby


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