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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: support on phonegap/cordova?
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2014 12:33:07 GMT
(not subscribed to list)

Terrence brings up a critical point about how the Apache Way works:

Terence M. Bandoian ( wrote:
> Date:	Apr 15, 2014 10:40:46 am
> List:	org.apache.incubator.callback-dev
> One nice thing about a mailing list is that it is delivered.  The digest
> form provides an uncluttered, passive means to stay aware of issues and
> contribute when appropriate.
> I'm still new to this list but would like to listen in to the hangout if
> that's possible.  How would I find it on Google Hangout?
> -Terence Bandoian

The obvious point is the reminder that any discussions or potential 
decisions made in realtime fora must be brought back to the relevant 
mailing list to give everyone in the community a chance to digest and 
comment.  In particular, decisions about new development need to be 
brought back to the dev@ list so that other committers can comment and 
participate in the decision process.

The less obvious point - but just as important - is that while some may 
see mailing lists as old fashioned, they both foster a sense of a single 
community, as well as ensuring that contributors who aren't perhaps 
active every day can still both participate, and have an easy way to 
find out about past discussions and decisions.

Similarly, when thinking about long term community health, one advantage 
to mailing lists is that the ASF controls the infrastructure.  Our 
mailing lists and archives will be around... well, for at least the next 
50 years.  There is no such guarantee from stackoverflow - no matter how 
popular the site is, who's to say that they don't start monetizing with 
a login, or start dropping old support questions when the project is no 
longer popular?

My typical response to a thread like this would be "you need to have a 
users@ list and use it".  I would still hope to see Apache Cordova have 
a user list, and I do echo other comments that once started, they tend 
to also attract new contributors - even if they're only users who help 
answer other users' questions.  The point is that on single list there's 
a chance to build some community.

Depending on the user base size and type of questions, I could also see 
linking to a StackOverflow site as well, in conjunction with a users@ list.

Just some perspective from a long time Apache Way guy,
- Shane

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