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From Piotr Zalewa <>
Subject Re: Hotfix policy?
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2014 14:07:40 GMT
@ Michal Mocny
The fix was ready pretty soon after the bug was released/noticed. It 
just waited few weeks until 3.4.1-xxx was shipped.
I haven't seen this right on, as I updated to new Cordova when it was 
still 3.4.0-0.1.0, the bug was introdcued after that.

@ Steven Gill
Is there any doc about writing needed tests?
That'd be my next important thing to do on this project.

Dnia Fri Apr 11 17:46:13 2014 Steven Gill pisze:
> The issue was fixed in the latest release. It was the one before that it
> was broken.
> I think generally we can get tooling releases out fairly quickly. We have
> been slowed down as we figure out our new process though. I expect this to
> speed up.
> Tests for FFOS would also go a long way!
> On Apr 11, 2014 7:48 AM, "Michal Mocny" <> wrote:
>> It was in for weeks, unnoticed?  I think we should fix that problem going
>> forward.
>> Regarding releases, we have weekly tooling releases these days, so if we
>> patch the issue today it will be released fairly soon.  Unfortunately we
>> *just* released plugman, so it will take the full week.  (though nothing
>> stops us from bumping up the release schedule, as long as someone is
>> willing to build and test the artifacts).
>> -Michal
>> On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Piotr Zalewa <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'd like to know if we've got any hotfix policy. There was a bug in
>>> plugman which was stopping FirefoxOS devs from using Cordova for weeks.
>>> What should we do if such a critical bug is shipped to public?
>>> Thanks
>>> --
>>> Piotr Zalewa
>>> Mozilla

Piotr Zalewa

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