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From "Sergey Grebnov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: Proposal: hooks support for plugins
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2014 00:19:10 GMT
I've sent a pull request with initial implementation for review. 

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From: Jonathan Bond-Caron [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 6, 2014 2:07 PM
Subject: RE: Proposal: hooks support for plugins

On Thu Mar 6 01:57 PM, Sergey Grebnov (Akvelon) wrote:
> Can we think about scripts as just a new plugin module?  - Similar to 
> js-module or config-file and which must be processed special way (by 
> execution).
> <script-module src="src/compile_sqlite.js"/> <framework 
> src="src/windows8/SQLitePCL.Ext.dll" custom="true"/> <script-module 
> src="src/add_win8_toastCapable.js"/>
> <script-module src="src/set_default_target_paltform_arm.js"/>
> Not so powerful and cool, but easy to implement and understand. During 
> uninstall each script is called again but with 'uninstall' flag (or 
> each script file can emit install and uninstall functions)

I'm all for simple, what happens if one of those scripts fails? E.g. failed compile

For example in cli:

cordova plugin add sqlite
platforms = ['android', 'windows8'];
for(p in platforms)
    installPlugin('sqlite');  // android ok! windows8 fails at 'src/compile_sqlite.js'

Is 'sqlite' at that point installed on android? Do we rollback the install? Run the uninstall()

For that reason, sandbox idea seems less chaotic with some hookApi - which would cleanup properly
if something goes wrong... 

What you're suggesting seems like it could work, until something goes wrong and leaves the
platform(s) project/native in an inconsistent state. Multiple that with "pluginb" that fails
at 'src/compile_stuff.js'

Could be doable but not sure well it would work.

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