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From Marcel Kinard <>
Subject Re: Suggestions for a problem
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 22:24:31 GMT
The way I would summarize this is that enterprises need a way to recreate a specific environment.
This includes our platforms, plugins, tooling, and dependencies. Many enterprises do not desire
to live on head, instead they want to live at a known reproductable state. Before 3.0, this
was pretty straightforward. After 3.0, and additionally potentially releasing platforms separately,
our definition of "a Cordova version" has basically fallen apart (separate timing for plugins
and tools, non-shrinkwrapped npm dependencies, etc)

Perhaps one way to solve this would be a "Cordova version" identifier that is a map to the
individual versions of all the components, similar to how cordova-cli/platforms.js has a version
property for each platform, but include tools and even plugins. How often would it make sense
to update that version-map and bump the Cordova version? There are probably arguments for
both a cadence schedule as well as anytime-any-component-changes.

On Apr 7, 2014, at 5:00 PM, Gorkem Ercan <> wrote:

> Hi,
> With the independent platforms releases I have started to run into a
> problem with my Eclipse tools that I am looking for some suggestions.
> In the past, Cordova X.Y.Z meant all platforms would be tagged and released
> with X.Y.Z. so if Eclipse tools needed to download Cordova version X.Y.Z,
> it could just do so by using the X.Y.Z git tag. Now that platforms can do
> independent releases the X.Y.Z tag for may not exist for a release for a
> platform. So I actually need a way to determine what platform versions go
> together. CLI actually captures that information on platforms.js for the
> release but this is not enough for Eclipse tools as it does not capture the
> data for older releases and Eclipse tools can be download and use older
> versions.
> Is there a place where I can extract this sort of platform version
> information?
> Also in the past, plugins could define engine compatibility as below
> <engine name="cordova" version="1.7.0" />
> How does plugman act with the independent releases now?
> --
> Gorkem

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