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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: [cordova-plugins/statusbar] Publishing as core
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 10:59:54 GMT
On Mon Mar 10 02:52 PM, Brian LeRoux wrote:
> While I wholeheartedly agree plugins, clean separation of concerns, discreet
> repos, all have big benefits if every single developer installs a plugin on day 1 that
> is specific to a particular platform I feel that might be a good indication the
> platform should conditionally roll that plugin in.
> I think the statusbar might quality.

Good point, IMHO it's more part of a popular 'core' web dev flow:
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.web-dev  (include statusbar & console.log, others?)

Arguably a CSS fix works too:

 Some related frustration:
cordova create bar
cordova platform add android

Import 'plaforms/android' into Eclipse:

Broken... but "cordova run" works... Is using eclipse still a 'core' thing?
It's a "still want to use an IDE" thing. My preference is a cordova that embraces diversity.

Back to statusbar, some might prefer native code through xcode / not using the plugin.

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