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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: Consolidating the Distribution of Platforms & Plugins
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 14:18:53 GMT
On Sat Mar 29 03:11 PM, Brian LeRoux wrote:
> I think its a great idea. The platforms have a standard interface [1] for which the
> higher level CLI Node module depends. We could remove our logic for
> versioning/caching and leave that to npm. We distribute via npm already for the
> CLI so this is just a natural extension. We'd win less code, and a cleaner
> implementing focused on the CLI needs not dependency management (that npm
> does better).

Sounds good to me, platforms make sense on npm, expected to run in node.js environment

> Hosting our Plugins on the vanilla npm registry won't work. We investigated that
> path. (Though I welcome anyone here to do their own research.) Ultimately, we
> have a different set of needs on installation, and and in the act of packaging.
> We'd win distribution, but we have that already, so we'd be solving nothing.

Agree with all of Andrew's points, recently looked into 'bower':

Dependencies are flat which resembles a bit more cordova:

  - npm things (~ node.js javascript / v8 runtime) 
  - cordova things (native code + javascript, multiple webviews)
  - bower things (javascript, multiple browsers)

Bower things are compatible with cordova, might be worth looking into.

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