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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Releasing Platforms Independently
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2014 15:38:02 GMT
I think it would be beneficial if we could release updates to platforms
independent from others. Why?
- Far easier to do one-off platform releases (e.g. quick turn-around on a
security update, quick turn around on iOS is broken on the latest Xcode)
- Platforms can release on their own schedule (big new features will get
released sooner)

This doesn't come without bumps though. I'd like to use this thread to
explore the idea and to enumerate what would have to change to get there.

Here are some things I can think of:

- We have a version drop-down in the top-right corner.
- I think this would mean getting rid of the version drop down (or rather,
not adding new entries to it).
- Always have people pointed at "edge"
- For things that refer to specific versions, put them inline
  - E.g. like we do for upgrade guides
- When a new API is introduced & is documented, we'll have to be better at
annotating what version it showed up in.

Blog posts:
- We currently do one release announcement for all the platforms.
- I think it'll actually be a good thing to have shorter & more focused
release announcements (one post per platform)

- This is on the way out anyway I think, with moving tests into plugins.
- Even so, not a big deal to not have this strictly versioned.

 - Platforms will have cordova-js cut at different times.
   - I don't think this is a good or a bad thing.
 - JS versioning stamped at the top of the file:
   - Change to have both platform version as well as JS version available
at runtime.
   - JS version will just be a "git describe"

CLI versioning:
  - It won't make sense to version it as CadVer-SemVer anymore
    - This essentially kills off the idea of CadVer.
  - That scheme wasn't working well anyways since you can't actually depend
on the SemVer part of it in a SemVer way (you can't say
  - CadVer-SemVer, I think, is causing people to not update their tools if
they aren't ready to update their platforms.
  - With this change, we should just have CLI be SemVer only.
  - If we move platforms to NPM, we wouldn't even need to push CLI updates
with platforms.

Anything else? Please feel free to add inline here on things I've missed
out, or on things you'd be concerned about changing.

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