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From Marcos Caceres <>
Subject Re: Cordova/W3C
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2014 23:46:58 GMT

On Friday, February 28, 2014 at 4:55 PM, Brian LeRoux wrote:

> > Without having this information, Cordova really canĀ¹t usefully sit at the
> > W3 table, as it clearly has absolutely no idea about what people are doing
> > and thus clearly has nothing to provide to W3.
> This is leading a little severe.  
Agree. PhoneGap/Cordova have done amazing work in pioneering this space; and, for years, they've
taken a plunge into the deep end where browser vendors have been too scared to go. Even if
Cordova can't provide the apps I asked for, their engineering and API knowhow are invaluable
to the standardization work at the W3C. The massive success that is Cordova and PhoneGap,
 proves how much we need this stuff on the Web.    
> We implemented geolocation before any browser did. That turned out to be a pretty ok
thing! I easily spend more than half my time helping people with downstreams of Cordova. We
most certainly have a very clear picture of what platforms matter, what APIs people are using,
and what APIs they may need in the future. Most of our architecture has been driven by real
use---not surveys or pie-in-the-sky ivory towers designed by Enterprise Architects.

I think this is ok. It may just be a pipe dream of mine to actually gather up data - or I
just need to get more involved in the Cordova community (I know Moz is getting more involved,
so that might make it easier). The anecdotal evidence that people from the Cordova team can
provide is extremely valuable - it's not to be understated. And there is nothing wrong with
it being anecdotal - particularly because we know how much time people like Brian spend both
helping and speaking with actual developers: so I totally trust that if someone like Brian
say "developers are all asking for X" then it's worth taking that feedback very seriously.
> That said, we can definitely do a better job of getting visibility into these things
as a project. My only caution is that information is kept private to our group for the sake
of burgeoning platforms and to encourage project diversity that makes teh web so resilient
to proprietary traps.

> We all have a lot to contribute back to browsers and the web. Indeed is why we're all
here working on Cordova today.  
We desperately need you guys! don't go anywhere! :D     

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