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From Dominik Pesch <>
Subject Re: Introducing and 2 PR for cordova-plugin-file
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 17:35:08 GMT
Hi Ian,

yes, these PRs are two separate issues, I've found »on the way«.
Unfortunately  they won't fix the issue CB-6148.

To fix the impact of CB-6148 to our code I've used a very simple, but
»working« workaround:

         // ...
          tmpFileEntry.moveTo(dir, newFileName, function(newFileEntry)
            if ( !==
              newFileEntry.filesystem = dir.filesystem;

            // ...

This fixed the problems, but isn't a really solution, just a workaround
to get our app running again.

PR #33 setMetadata
Our iOS app uses setMetadata to set the MobileBackup metadata, but
didn't work with the actual file plugin. Then I've noticed, that
Entry.getMetadata() used already the format method, while
Entry.setMetdata() used this.fullPath which returned a wrong
(incomplete) path. After that I just changed it to use the
this.filesystem.__format__() method like getMetadata() and that fixed
our problems.

PR #32
While inspecting the code to understand our problems, I've just found
these typos which leads to variable declarations without 'var'
statement. I've fixed them, but it won't have an effect on the CB-6148

Best regards,

> Great, thanks for that.
> >From what I can see, your pull requests are separate from the JIRA issue;
> is that right? (They look good, but I don't think that they solve the
> .moveTo / .copyTo problem)
> Ian
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Dominik Pesch <> wrote:
>> Hi Ian,
>> thank you for your answer. Yes, I've already signed the ICLA (and CCLA
>> for 11com7). I've got the following confirmation:
>>> Just let the project know you have an ICLA on file and start coding. :)
>>  Enjoy!
>> Best regards
>> dom (Dominik Pesch)
>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>> Betreff: Re: Introducing and 2 PR for cordova-plugin-file
>> Von: Ian Clelland <>
>> An: <>
>> Datum: Montag, 3. März 2014 16:03:04
>>> Welcome to the fray, Dominik!
>>> Thanks for the pull requests, I'll take a look at those this morning, and
>>> see how they look.
>>> Have you signed the Contibutor License Agreement yet? We'll need that to
>> be
>>> able to accept your contributions. It's a pretty simple form. The details
>>> are here:
>>> Ian
>>> On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:56 AM, Dominik Pesch <> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I would like to introduce myself as proposed in the Cordova Wiki
>>>> (Contributor Workflow).
>>>> I'm a german developer and managing director of my small company (3
>>>> developer, 2 designer, …). For one of our clients we'd developped an app
>>>> (iOS and Android) on Cordova basis (2.7.x with iOS SDK 6.0). We upgraded
>>>> it the last weeks to Cordova 3.4.0. The past few days I've debugged and
>>>> adopted our camera interface for the cordova camera plugin. In our old
>>>> version we'd moved the pictures from the temporary directory into the
>>>> persistent dir. I had a couple of problems with the new 1.0.0 and 1.0.1
>>>> file interface, but with some »workarounds« our app works again.
>>>> I've perhaps noticed a bug for which I'd created a jira issue:
>>>> As described I've noticed the problems with iOS6 (iPhone 3GS) and iOS7
>>>> (iPhone 5).
>>>> As workaround I've corrected the filesystem object in the success
>>>> callback function. This works, but isn't very »pretty«.
>>>> I had send two pull requests via github for some minor fixes:
>>>> I've used the patched fork in our app and it works now again. It would
>>>> be very kind if someone can review them. I send the links here because
>>>> it is proposed in the Cordova Wiki and  I'll hope this is the desired
>> way.
>>>> Best regards
>>>> dom (Dominik Pesch)
>>>> PS: please excuse that my English has become somewhat rusty.

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