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From martincgg <>
Subject [GitHub] cordova-cli pull request: CB-5082 [CLI] BB10 add support in doPlat...
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2014 21:39:47 GMT
Github user martincgg commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: src/info-utils.js ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,150 @@
    +    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
    +    or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
    +    distributed with this work for additional information
    +    regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
    +    to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
    +    "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
    +    with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
    +    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
    +    software distributed under the License is distributed on an
    +    KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
    +    specific language governing permissions and limitations
    +    under the License.
    +var cordova_util  = require('./util'),
    +child_process = require('child_process'),
    +path          = require('path'),
    +fs            = require('fs'),
    +_self = {
    +getNodeInfo: function( callback ){
    +        callback(_self.execFunc('node', '--version', function(call){callback(call);}));
    +    },
    +getCordovaInfo: function( callback ){
    +        callback(_self.execFunc('cordova', '--version', function(call){callback(call);}));
    +    },
    +getPlatformInfo: function(platform, projectRoot, callback ){
    +        var command="", args="";
    +        switch( platform ){
    +        case "ios":
    +            _self.execFunc('xcodebuild', '-version', function(call){callback('iOS Platform:\r\r'
    +            break;
    +        case "android":
    +            _self.execFunc('android', 'list target', function(call){callback('Android
Platform:\r\r' +call);});
    +            break;
    +        case "blackberry10":
    +            var bbUtilsPath = path.join(projectRoot, 'platforms', platform, 'cordova'),
    +            bbBuildPath= path.join(projectRoot, 'platforms', platform, 'build'),
    +            bbresults="",
    +            varState;
    +            //get CORDOVA_BBTOOLS environment variable.
    +            _self.get_pathEnv( ['blackberry-nativepackager', 'blackberry-deploy'], function
    +                if(path){
    +                    //s et CORDOVA_BBTOOLS environment variable.
    +                    varState = _self.setEnv_Var('CORDOVA_BBTOOLS', path, false);
    +                    // Get BB10 SDK Version
    +                    _self.getSDKinfo(bbUtilsPath, function(result){
    +                        if(result){bbresults+="Blackberry 10 Native SDK version: "+result+"\r";
    +                            // Get BB10 deployed and stored devices
    +                            _self.deployedDevices(bbUtilsPath, 'device', false, function(result){
    +                                if(result){bbresults+="\rBlackberry 10 deployed devices:\r"+result+"\r";
    +                                    // Get BB10 deployed and stored emulators
    +                                    _self.deployedDevices(bbUtilsPath, 'emulator', false,
function (result){
    +                                        if(result){bbresults+="\rBlackberry deployed
    +                                            if(!varState){_self.delEnv_Var('CORDOVA_BBTOOLS');}
    +                                            callback('Blackberry 10 Platform:\r\r' +bbresults);
    +                                        }});
    +                                }});
    +                        }});
    +                }
    +                else{callback("Blackberry 10 Native SDK path not found");}
    +            });
    +            break;
    +        }
    +    },
    +    // Execute using a child_process exec, for any async command
    +execFunc: function(command, args, callback){
    +        child_process.exec(command + ' ' +args, 
    +        function (error, stdout, stderr) {
    +            callback(stdout);
    +            if (error !== null) {
    +                callback('Error performing command: ' + error + "\n" +stderr);
    +            }
    +        });
    +    },
    +    //Uses Library to get Native SDK version
    +getSDKinfo: function ( utilsPath, callback) {
    +        _self.execFunc("\"" +path.join(utilsPath,'bb10-ndk-version')+"\"" , '' ,function(output){callback(output);});
    +    },
    +    // It explores the json file to get deployed devices or emulators.
    +deployedDevices: function ( utilsPath, type, flag, callback) {
    +        var collection="";
    +        require(path.join(utilsPath,'lib', 'target-utils')).getTargetList( type, flag,
function (resultList) {
    +            if(resultList.length>0){
    +                for (var t in resultList) {
    +                    if (resultList.hasOwnProperty(t)) {
    +                        collection+= resultList[t].name + ' ip: ' + resultList[t].ip+"\r";
    +                    }
    +                }
    +            }else{collection+='No registered emulators or devices\r';}
    +        });
    +        callback(collection);
    +    },
    +    delEnv_Var: function (ENV_VAR){
    +        delete process.env[ENV_VAR];
    +    },
    +    //Sets an environmental variable, determining first if exists or not
    +    //uses boolean 'override' to decide if override the value or not.
    +    setEnv_Var: function ( ENV_VAR, value, override) {
    +        //Check if Env varible exists first
    +        if(_self.determineEnv_Var(ENV_VAR)){
    +            console.log("CORDOVA_BBTOOLS env variable is present\r");
    +            if(override){
    +                console.log("\rOverriding... ");
    +                process.env[ENV_VAR] = value;}
    +            return true;
    +        }else{ process.env[ENV_VAR] = value; return false;}
    +    },
    +    //Determine if an environmental variable exists
    +    determineEnv_Var: function ( ENV_VAR ){
    +        if(process.env[ENV_VAR]){
    +            return true;
    +        }else{ return false; }
    +        return false;
    +    },
    +    get_pathEnv: function (files, callback) {
    --- End diff --
    Well, I'm setting or adjusting that variable 'CORDOVA_BBTOOLS', because is used by a file
called 'target-utils.js', which belongs to the blackberry library, if it were my call, I rather
to use just the path with what I need to do, instead of set a variable, but to do so I need
to modify the logic in the blackberry library, that's why I'm doing it in that way.
    target-utils.js reference.
    I'm using that file, which contains logic to get some information, instead of duplicate
code, I'm adjusting my program to it.
    I know that shelljs.which it looks for the for an exe, bat, or cmd file in the whole path,
which is really good, I've create my own function because I didn't know about shelljs.which.
    get_pathEnv, it gets the Env path, and it looks for files which should be located in that
    Those files it can be sent in an array:
    In the code, I've set two files as you can see in the line, I just want to make sure that
is the right file.
    determine_Env_Var it only looks if the variable is set or not, just that.
    Here, I determine if the variable is currently set:
    If that variable is already set, I'm not going to touch it.
    Here, is deciding if is going to be erased or not:
    If the variable it was set before the program executions, is not going to erase it, but
if it was set just to execute this js file, is going to erase it in order to not affect or
impact in any other process.
    Here's going to delete the variable
    Is going to unset the variable.
    Most of those functions, I've added them like part of the object, because it can useful
for another js file.
    Well, Andrew what are my options with this, go to blackberry library and change the target-utils.js
file and set that instead of use an environmental variable it uses just the path, and also
set the function to accept an argument as the path?

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