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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Cordova/W3C
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2014 15:58:53 GMT
Lisa wrote:
> I understand what you're asking but I'm not sure if that is something
> that the Cordova team is capable of helping with.

> We don't know how end users are using each of the Cordova APIs and there
> isn't a good way to ask them.

> Cordova is installed using npm (
> and the plugin repositories have publically visible download stats
> (

While this is true, it doesn¹t help Marcos. It certainly isn¹t W3¹s job to
try to find our customers.

> We do not have access to contact information for individual developers
> let alone the code they have written.

> There is the Google Group for Phonegap as well as the list of developers
> (opt-in by the developers themselves)

> as well as the Cordova blog where we could submit a poll.

While this is not likely to work well, regular surveys should probably be
done anyway.
The current approach to deprecation while technically fine ³I think it¹s
time to kill X², isn¹t a particularly friendly/useful/responsive approach.

A better approach in general would be to have regular surveys asking
people to submit:
- vendor url, vendor contact, appname, platforms, usage count by platform,
list of plugins they use, with a score for how happy they are for each

Building such a survey out of should actually be
fairly easy, and the resulting data should be useful for Cordova in
general (and even the plugin developers).

> But the responses are unlikely to reach a good subset of users.

If you don¹t build it, they certainly won¹t come.
Let¹s try building it and see who comes.

> There are some case studies and featured applications from the Phonegap
>team (
PhoneGap build should be able to survey the things it (PhoneGap Build)
builds, as should other down streams which have access to stores (where
Cordova things get delivered).

Ideally Cordova would be able to reach its consumers and talk to them.
Talking to your consumers is very important, but notably fairly hard to do
(not many vendors manage to do this, or do it well).

Without having this information, Cordova really can¹t usefully sit at the
W3 table, as it clearly has absolutely no idea about what people are doing
and thus clearly has nothing to provide to W3.

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