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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Blog post review for tools release:
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 21:23:27 GMT
Andrew Grieve wrote:

>Now with more <>s and `s:
>## cordova
>* Speed up prepare by using plugman's new `reapply_global_munge()`
>* Make "Generating config.xml from defaults" a verbose log (CB-6076)
>* Use spawn helper for all sub-shelling. (CB-5181)

I¹d strip the `.` here since nothing else is a sentence,

>* Enable stdio for build sub-commands and hooks (CB-6049, CB-5181)
>## plugman
>* Move `<assets>` copying from install to prepare (CB-5647)
>* Include platform tag information when publishing plugins (CB-5804)
>* Logging tweaks to be less verbose (CB-6076)
>* Accept proxy config for plugman (CB-5017)
>* Add `<resource-file>` support on Android (CB-5720)
>* config-changes.js: Major refactor & introduced `reapply_global_munge()`
>* FFOS: Look for `config.xml` in `www_dir` and in `project_dir` (CB-6088)
>* iOS: Do not add static libraries (.a) to source files (CB-6025)
>* Win8/WP: Added SDKReference support via `<lib-file>` tags
>* Win8/WP: Remove ability to add .dll as content - it should be a
>* Win8/WP: Added ability to add+remove ref to .winmd files

Otherwise looks good.

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