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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: 3.4.0 blog post review
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 23:06:57 GMT
Steven Gill wrote:
> Please review the blog post below and provide any feedback. I will be
> inserting the link to the mozilla blog post shortly.
> I will be posting a vote thread in a few minutes for 3.4.0.

post about getting started with **Cordova Firefox OS**. Check it out at

(Pick your markup style)

`addJavascriptInterface` as a bridge option)

CB-5793 Make `ant` work-around work on *Windows*.

(Please fix other instances of Windows)

to avoid conflicts with *Eclipse*.

CB-4910 Fix CLI's *Eclipse project template* not working on *Windows* due

CB-5803 Fix `cordova/emulate` on windows.

CB-5801 `exec`->`spawn` in build to make sure compile errors are shown.

CB-5799 Update version of `OkHTTP` to 1.3

Remove `package.json` within `bin/` since we never intend to ship `bin/`
as an
npm module

- now that it's not in www/ by default.

+ now that it isn¹t in `www/` by default.

CB-5504: Adding `onDestroy` to app plugin to deregister `telephonyReceiver`

CB-5715 Add *Eclipse* `.project` file to create template.

CB-5447 Removed `android:debuggable=³true"` from project template.

Fix incorrect MIME type for `.js` files loaded through

Remove 2 X `console.log` from `exec.js`

CB-5592 Set MIME type for `openExternal` when scheme is `file:`

CB-5794 iOS build script: 1. don't clean 2. recognize `--emulator` vs
Don't show environment vars in build log for `copy-www` script
CB-4910 Update CLI project template to point to `config.xml` at the root
now that it isn¹t in `www/` by default.
Move `.gitignore` in template to `gitignore` (and add the dot in the
Fix `create` script copying project template twice.
CB-5740 Use `UIScrollViewDecelerationRateNormal` by default.
CB-5420 Add device model to `User-Agent` cache key.
Copy `config.xml` within `` instead of in Copy
Resoruces step

^ spelling error

CB-5397 Add a `--cli` option to `bin/create` that has `../../www/`
`../../merges/` within the project
CB-5697 Fix `location.reload()` not firing `deviceready`.
CB-5134 Fix up bugs with new hash-based `exec()` bridge.
CB-5134 Add `location.hash` based `exec()` bridge.
CB-5583 `WebView` doesn't properly initialize when instantiated from a xib
CB-5046: Adding a `defaults.xml` template
CB-5298 Have `bin/create` run `bin/check_reqs`.
CB-5328 - `.gitignore` from cordova-ios excludes `platforms/cordova/build`

CB-6041 `createTemplates` should install theme for *VS-2013* as well

[spelling of theme]

[CB-5219] `weinre` disconnects when `history.replaceState` is used
CB-5951 Added namespace to `config.xml`

CB-5951 Added namespace to `config.xml`

CB-6021 Add `--release` to run command
* CB-5723 Build script should accept `-l` param as it does `--loglevel`
* [CB-6019] Supply default value of `--device` to the run script
* CB-5660 use `enabledelayedexpansion` to handle )s in path
* CB-5909 Fixed issue where `check-reqs` skipped checking logic on second

* CB-5638 Clean-up: remove unreachable `info` case from function
* CB-5937 Add `platform check` command: Shows platforms that are out of
* CB-5634 Set Android orientation from `config.xml`
* Upleveled amazon_fireos_parser. Making it at par with `android_parser.js`
* CB-4153 Update help.txt about `--source` -> `--copy-from`

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