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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: serving extra css
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 01:15:18 GMT
Andrew wrote:
> Want to clarify the scenario here:
> - This is for users that point their BB10 web browser at cordova serve?

The scenario is for pointing other browsers at cordova serve. If you point
BB10 browser, or BB10 app host at the app, it already has the fonts
available because they¹re part of BB10.

> - This adds a <link> to include a font file that exists on the BB device
> already?

This adds a link: (which is equivalent to <link> except some browsers
don¹t support itŠ *sigh*) so that browsers that aren¹t on the device can
have the fonts available (as long as the css is able to point to woff
files which cordova serve can offer ‹ we¹d provide that).

>- This is *not* for pointing a desktop browser at it

This is for pointing a desktop browser at it.

>- This is *not* for pointing your <content> tag at it?

I believe that¹s equivalent to the first question. So, it is not for
pointing an app¹s content tag.

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