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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: serving extra css
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2014 23:58:32 GMT
Michal wrote:
> Wouldn't this be better handled by Brian's dream of

I haven¹t worked through all the details, but I don¹t think so. If you
want to run the blackberry specific hooks and you browse to the app from
your blackberry browser, then you¹re going to be unhappy if it¹s a
different platform.

Browser-as-an-engine might work, maybe.

> I understand that this solves your immediate problem, but I'm not sure
> extending serve is really the right long term solution for this.

> ..also, your idea of "automatically look for a well known file" could be
> done within the application by feature detecting that its running in a
> desktop browser.

We¹re the SDK, not the application. I could tell authors ³if you want to
see the fonts, put in this magic², but I¹m hoping to avoid making each
author do that (where possible). There¹s also licensing fun w/ the fonts.

I suppose that I could insert some code into cordova.js instead of having
serve manage the css.

> Would it be prehibitive to dynamically inject the style
> on startup from the app itself?

Doing it with a link: header is a lot cleaner than inserting strange logic
into cordova.js, butŠ

We can and probably will provide templates which include a style saying
³use font: Slate Pro². That¹s all you need for the platform engine.

If we did use cordova.js instead of having serve provide the .css file,
we¹d still need a way to get the fonts to the browser-as-engine case
(which is handled by the .extra code).

In case you¹re curious, installing fonts to a user¹s system is a no-go for
a number of reasons (* it¹s painful to try to manage ‹ often requiring
administrative privileges which isn¹t something we require, * Licensing is
wrong, * it pollutes the user¹s font-space or their computer¹s font-space
if shared, * it doesn¹t work if the user is visiting serve from a device
other than localhost).

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