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From James Long <>
Subject Release schedule for core plugins?
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 21:50:58 GMT
Hey guys,

I'm James from Mozilla and I'm working on Firefox OS support in
Cordova. A bunch of stuff has changed recently with the 3.4 release,
notably the plugins being pulled out and more separated. This is all
good stuff.

My team has a question, though. What exactly is the process for
pushing fixes to plugins? I think I've been told, but I forget and
we've had a hard time getting a few fixes out quickly recently. We
want to make sure that we can push stuff somewhat quickly so
developers aren't sitting on broken plugins for a while.

I've seen this page:

Under "which branch to commit to" for plugins it says:

"Commit all changes to branch: dev
* Through Cordova 3.0, plugman installed from master, which means we
couldn't use master for development.
* Post Cordova 3.0, plugman has support for a registry..."

The last line doesn't really explain anything. What do you mean by
registry? Can we start using master for development now? Does the
registry use tags or something to pull specific versions? It would be
great if `cordova plugin add` had a way to say "pull from HEAD, I want
the latest and greatest". If we can't get our fixes out quickly, we
need to tell developers to install plugins from our own repos and that
gets confusing.

Hope that wasn' too long-winded, thanks!

- James

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